About DKB

The team

We are a collective of dorks who enjoy anime and wish to bring you high quality, low file size HEVC content in a timely manner. We are a small crew of a few people with DKB as our overlord. We do our own rips from various simulcast services and encode them at 1080p for your viewing pleasure.

The website

The website is all custom code. Everything is hand crafted by our Web Wizard, that goes by the username daysoflightning, on the Discord server. It is a constant work in progress, so if something is not working or you have some improvement ideas, we would love to get feedback.

Discord community

Discord is the main hub of communication for our little operation. There are text channels for announcements, releases, feedback and also some general discussion. Engaging with everyone there is a good way to make our community stronger and better. We hope to see you there.

You can join by using using the following this link (https://discord.gg/ZBQCQ7u).


We work very hard to bring you all some nice quality encodes of anime, but we don’t make money from it. To keep everything moving, we need money for subscriptions and hosting. We will never ask for more than that. At the end of each month, we do a donation drive that is described in the appropriately named “donation” channel on Discord.

You can donate by using our Ko-fi link (https://ko-fi.com/dkb05).


Our main delivery channel for releases is by torrents. If you can seed the episodes you download it would go a long way in making sure a many people as possible can get the content.

If you have a seedbox available, then please, let us know.


Sharing is caring. Talk about us to your friends and family members. We'll welcome them with open arms.